Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Beginning

Since its inception, Linda and I have been on an adventure - more so it has just been an adventure all its own. Our meeting was chance and unconventional. The amount we are in touch is unprecedented. The future is unknown. I speak to her enough hours per week to be considered nearly a full time job.

We message on Facebook and graduated to text messages. That evolved into voice. When network provisions allow we use FaceTime (iPad to iPad video chat). We are in constant contact except when we are asleep, a few moments at work and, presumably, in the john.

We will be spending this weekend together and as much time as we can when I'm home in NJ in a few weeks. We have ideas about life and the world and, invariably, we see eye to eye on it.

I decided to create this blog, aside from my current personal one, because we both want to see the world and experience all of life. We want to travel, not only to popular resort sun and sand places, but also to remote, and sometimes weird places. We want to do everything life has to offer whether it's watching Jets games with beers, shooting ranges, travel, cooking, wineries or anything else. We both wanted these things independent of each other, long before we met. The hiccup was not having a partner in crime. Now it seems we each do.

That means that rather than scrapbooking (I'm testosterone based), I'd like to chronicle our adventures here. It may be titled as "The Adventures of Jason and Linda," but in reality we want it all to be one long adventure with many excursions peppered throughout our timeline. Sharing our fun, excitement and memories with the world is fun way to have people come with us - even when it's somewhere local, but fun. With my creativity and spontaneous ideas for things that I think will be fun and make me laugh and her go-with-the-flow attitude and blind support for my nuttiness, we're sure to entertain everyone.

It all starts now.

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