Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What a streak

On October 26, 2011 Linda came into my life via a Facebook profile picture of her beautiful face, a NY Jets T-shirt and fantastically conversative, anti-Occupy Wall Street response to a mutual friend's occasionally communistic thoughts. It was the first day we spoke indirectly about the OWS topic and flirtatiously only in subtext. It wasn't until the next day that she sent me a friend request (due to my naturally irresistable qualities, of course... and the fact that I was too chicken shit to request her). October 27, 2011 marks the day that we first had a direct conversation via Facebook's private messaging system and phone text message (I got those digits quick, right?). Finally on the 28th I was off from work and we made our way to the phone.

Nearly 6 hours and a phone recharge later we finally hung up for the night. Today is exactly 216 days later and we have spoken, if not seen each other, for every single one of those 216 days. Some of those days I was in Mississippi and she in New Jersey. Some we were in Mississippi together and others in New Jersey together. For a couple, she was in Los Angeles, California and me in Mississippi.

Tomorrow morning, my beautiful girl leaves for Mexico for vacation until Monday. It is not any further away than New Jersey if I had to guess. California to Mississippi was more time zones apart. However, she will not be in the same country for the first time. Despite how far we've come in technology and the fact that people walk across the border from that country to ours constantly, making a phone call from there to here comes at a price of $1 per minute.

So as of tomorrow we will hit the first day, day 217, that we will have not spoken. Such is life. It was bound to happen sooner or later, but we had a good streak. As I said to her over the weekend about a separate topic and she reminded me today... we have the rest of our lives. That being said, for days 217, 218, 219 and 220, I will miss her voice.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Vacation in a vacation

Ever the gambler, I have been accruing points at the IP casino here in Biloxi, MS for over 2 years. Every month I get my comps in the mail. Month after month they pass by, unused. Why would I stay in a hotel that is 10 minutes from my house on a Tuesday? But it was Linda's week long visit and birthday extravaganza so I figured now was the time.

So yesterday I whisked her away from Biloxi to... another part of Biloxi and we had our mini vacation inside of a vacation. We checked into the hotel and went to check out the room. It had a bathroom bigger than my living room, a gigantic jacuzzi tub, and a phone and TV that both knew my name. It was a terrific, big suite given to me for taking all of they money for the last 2+ years.

After getting settled, we headed to this amazing teleportation device. Actually it was just a elevator that empties onto the patio of the rooftop pool and bar. Amazing weather, beautiful pool, GIANT TV overlooking the pool and frozen, slushy hurricanes. Then we played some video poker until 8pm.

That was when we headed to 32. The IP's premier upscale restaurant on the top floor. Can you guess how many floors there are? We sat at a table by a window that let us see miles and miles into almost every direction. The chef sent us a gift of crabmeat, truffles, bacon and other stuff before our first course arrived. She had a delicious, buttery lobster bisque and I watched the waiter mix a salad for me table side. Two fantastic steaks followed. It was probably the best and classiest dinner I have had since I left home (if not, it was damn close).

We wandered down to the casino floor once more and played a little at a variety of games before retiring to the room for the night. Our evening continued and we checked out today, but that is where YOUR story ends.

For a near 24 hours, we existed solely in within the confines of the IP's property and at no point did it feel like we were still in Mississippi. What a wonderful break. The most enjoyable vacation in a vacation I've ever had.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bonnie and Clyde

I'm an avid gun collector and shooter. I have a handful of pistols, rifles and shotguns. Maybe it's the military thing, maybe it's a living in the South thing. I'm not really sure, but I love my guns. Linda does too. Maybe being the daughter of a cop helped it along. Who knows? I think she claims to like guns so she can watch me shoot because I'm a hot guy with a weapon. Maybe it's my modesty.

So I took her to the local gun range here in Mississsippi yesterday. I took the .22, .38/.357, .40 and .45 figuring she would most enjoy the .22 and possibly the .38 revolver and I would shoot the rest. I helped the girly girl load the magazines because nothing's worse than breaking a nail while shooting handguns. And then I let her loose on the .22. In reality, it is like a cap gun and she enjoyed it. I have to admit, while she may not put bullets exactly where she wants, 8 of 10 shots would hit center mass on an intruder. Note to self: call before coming home late and drunk.

I gave her a try with the .38 but the revolver wasn't her style and a little too much punch in that small gun. That means I wouldn't even dare hand her that gun with a .357 round in it. If that was too big, I thought for sure she would hate the .40 caliber. I personally thing it packs more of a wallop than the .45 (because of its size and spring and other things).

Sure enough, other than loading the magazines and popping the slide forward, she was able to handle that weapon with almost no problem. More bullets went ripping through a paper target showing an approaching, slutty looking zombie woman.

Keep in mind, this was all happening at about 7-8 yards which is 21-24 feet. that is farther away than most encounters with an attacker. We both had lots of fun and it was definitely something new for us to experience.

Next time I'm going to get her to shoot the .50 caliber Desert Eagle!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Linda's first birthday with me [VIDEO] - UPDATED

You would think that by this point she would be used to my antics and the ridiculous creative streak that rears its head for no reason at all. You would also think that she would come to expect it on special occasions more than ever. For some reason though, she's still shocked. She loves surprises and I'm still able to do that for her so I'm glad she doesn't expect me to do something insane... yet.

It was our first birthday together and I wanted to be sure it was special for her. She adores birthdays and I needed her to know how important it is to me for her to be happy. Handing her a gift just wasn't enough. This needed to be special. She had to work for it a little bit. In pure Viglione tradition, she was handed a tiny slip of paper with a clue on it and had to read it aloud for the camera and follow the instructions to the eventual conclusion - the gift.

With no more ado, I will let you watch the event take place. Enjoy!

As you can see, she sure was surprised and had fun (and a little bit of trouble with) getting to her gift. But I wasn't done yet. On the evening of her birthday we went out to a wonderfully delicious dinner at the Hard Rock Casino's upscale restaurant called Vibe. From there we went to our friends' house under the pretense of meeting their new puppy and pleading with them to join us for drinks. Naturally, the real plan was that they and others were waiting in place for a surprise mini-party. This was where the cake came into play. Below is a picture of the cake and below that is the girl's reaction to seeing it for the first time.

And here's the video... I couldn't have hoped for a better reaction. Oh, and that's her stepping on a dog at the end.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


As many of you know, Linda was down here visiting this past weekend. As always we had an excellent time. We didn't have any outrageous adventures. We didn't go out of town for a weekend jaunt. Our actual adventures were limited to local, uneventful trips.

She got here on Thursday night. Friday night we went out for a burger at a local place. Saturday we went to the mall and did some shopping. Well, I ran into a store and picked up a pair of sneakers and 2 pairs of jeans. She really did the shopping. Anyway, we went out for a wonderful earl Valentine's Day dinner followed by some gambling at casino. Sunday was spend emasculating me in a movie theater watching The Vow. She left on Monday. In between all of this we watched TV, enjoyed alone time, did grocery shopping and just kind of existed.

Just because we didn't have any travel adventures, it doesn't mean we didn't have an adventure just the same. Life is an adventure, isn't it? Or at least it can be if you let it. We actually had a long conversation about this. New couples often run around and go out nonstop and try to live on the edge and have constant excitement. Eventually things slow down or you run out or time or money to keep up that pace. Then life sets in. And boredom follows. And that's when problems arise. Then there are people who just start their relationship on the couch and never experience anything else either.

So our adventure this time around was learning how to exist together. For example, I was at work on Friday and came home to my house where she had been the whole time. Truthfully, it felt like we both lived there and I was just returning from work after a normal day. We did a little of each. We had couch time, we lounged in bed in the morning, we went out and got some fresh air and played around.

It was the adventure of life for the weekend. No craziness needed. Just us. Having the time of our lives because we were together. We are our own adventure.