Tuesday, February 14, 2012


As many of you know, Linda was down here visiting this past weekend. As always we had an excellent time. We didn't have any outrageous adventures. We didn't go out of town for a weekend jaunt. Our actual adventures were limited to local, uneventful trips.

She got here on Thursday night. Friday night we went out for a burger at a local place. Saturday we went to the mall and did some shopping. Well, I ran into a store and picked up a pair of sneakers and 2 pairs of jeans. She really did the shopping. Anyway, we went out for a wonderful earl Valentine's Day dinner followed by some gambling at casino. Sunday was spend emasculating me in a movie theater watching The Vow. She left on Monday. In between all of this we watched TV, enjoyed alone time, did grocery shopping and just kind of existed.

Just because we didn't have any travel adventures, it doesn't mean we didn't have an adventure just the same. Life is an adventure, isn't it? Or at least it can be if you let it. We actually had a long conversation about this. New couples often run around and go out nonstop and try to live on the edge and have constant excitement. Eventually things slow down or you run out or time or money to keep up that pace. Then life sets in. And boredom follows. And that's when problems arise. Then there are people who just start their relationship on the couch and never experience anything else either.

So our adventure this time around was learning how to exist together. For example, I was at work on Friday and came home to my house where she had been the whole time. Truthfully, it felt like we both lived there and I was just returning from work after a normal day. We did a little of each. We had couch time, we lounged in bed in the morning, we went out and got some fresh air and played around.

It was the adventure of life for the weekend. No craziness needed. Just us. Having the time of our lives because we were together. We are our own adventure.