Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bonnie and Clyde

I'm an avid gun collector and shooter. I have a handful of pistols, rifles and shotguns. Maybe it's the military thing, maybe it's a living in the South thing. I'm not really sure, but I love my guns. Linda does too. Maybe being the daughter of a cop helped it along. Who knows? I think she claims to like guns so she can watch me shoot because I'm a hot guy with a weapon. Maybe it's my modesty.

So I took her to the local gun range here in Mississsippi yesterday. I took the .22, .38/.357, .40 and .45 figuring she would most enjoy the .22 and possibly the .38 revolver and I would shoot the rest. I helped the girly girl load the magazines because nothing's worse than breaking a nail while shooting handguns. And then I let her loose on the .22. In reality, it is like a cap gun and she enjoyed it. I have to admit, while she may not put bullets exactly where she wants, 8 of 10 shots would hit center mass on an intruder. Note to self: call before coming home late and drunk.

I gave her a try with the .38 but the revolver wasn't her style and a little too much punch in that small gun. That means I wouldn't even dare hand her that gun with a .357 round in it. If that was too big, I thought for sure she would hate the .40 caliber. I personally thing it packs more of a wallop than the .45 (because of its size and spring and other things).

Sure enough, other than loading the magazines and popping the slide forward, she was able to handle that weapon with almost no problem. More bullets went ripping through a paper target showing an approaching, slutty looking zombie woman.

Keep in mind, this was all happening at about 7-8 yards which is 21-24 feet. that is farther away than most encounters with an attacker. We both had lots of fun and it was definitely something new for us to experience.

Next time I'm going to get her to shoot the .50 caliber Desert Eagle!

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