Saturday, March 24, 2012

Linda's first birthday with me [VIDEO] - UPDATED

You would think that by this point she would be used to my antics and the ridiculous creative streak that rears its head for no reason at all. You would also think that she would come to expect it on special occasions more than ever. For some reason though, she's still shocked. She loves surprises and I'm still able to do that for her so I'm glad she doesn't expect me to do something insane... yet.

It was our first birthday together and I wanted to be sure it was special for her. She adores birthdays and I needed her to know how important it is to me for her to be happy. Handing her a gift just wasn't enough. This needed to be special. She had to work for it a little bit. In pure Viglione tradition, she was handed a tiny slip of paper with a clue on it and had to read it aloud for the camera and follow the instructions to the eventual conclusion - the gift.

With no more ado, I will let you watch the event take place. Enjoy!

As you can see, she sure was surprised and had fun (and a little bit of trouble with) getting to her gift. But I wasn't done yet. On the evening of her birthday we went out to a wonderfully delicious dinner at the Hard Rock Casino's upscale restaurant called Vibe. From there we went to our friends' house under the pretense of meeting their new puppy and pleading with them to join us for drinks. Naturally, the real plan was that they and others were waiting in place for a surprise mini-party. This was where the cake came into play. Below is a picture of the cake and below that is the girl's reaction to seeing it for the first time.

And here's the video... I couldn't have hoped for a better reaction. Oh, and that's her stepping on a dog at the end.

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