Friday, March 30, 2012

Vacation in a vacation

Ever the gambler, I have been accruing points at the IP casino here in Biloxi, MS for over 2 years. Every month I get my comps in the mail. Month after month they pass by, unused. Why would I stay in a hotel that is 10 minutes from my house on a Tuesday? But it was Linda's week long visit and birthday extravaganza so I figured now was the time.

So yesterday I whisked her away from Biloxi to... another part of Biloxi and we had our mini vacation inside of a vacation. We checked into the hotel and went to check out the room. It had a bathroom bigger than my living room, a gigantic jacuzzi tub, and a phone and TV that both knew my name. It was a terrific, big suite given to me for taking all of they money for the last 2+ years.

After getting settled, we headed to this amazing teleportation device. Actually it was just a elevator that empties onto the patio of the rooftop pool and bar. Amazing weather, beautiful pool, GIANT TV overlooking the pool and frozen, slushy hurricanes. Then we played some video poker until 8pm.

That was when we headed to 32. The IP's premier upscale restaurant on the top floor. Can you guess how many floors there are? We sat at a table by a window that let us see miles and miles into almost every direction. The chef sent us a gift of crabmeat, truffles, bacon and other stuff before our first course arrived. She had a delicious, buttery lobster bisque and I watched the waiter mix a salad for me table side. Two fantastic steaks followed. It was probably the best and classiest dinner I have had since I left home (if not, it was damn close).

We wandered down to the casino floor once more and played a little at a variety of games before retiring to the room for the night. Our evening continued and we checked out today, but that is where YOUR story ends.

For a near 24 hours, we existed solely in within the confines of the IP's property and at no point did it feel like we were still in Mississippi. What a wonderful break. The most enjoyable vacation in a vacation I've ever had.

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