Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Transition Adventure: Part I - Preparation

It has been a long while since I posted anything to this blog. Linda and I had settled into our version of normal: I was in Mississippi and she was in New Jersey. Her visits here came at regular intervals and we  spent most of that time in lighter activities that revolved around just spending time together rather than running around on blog-worthy adventures. But that is all about to change.

She is currently on a plane in Houston to arrive here in Mississippi for the very last time. This trip isn't so much an adventure, in and of itself, as much as it is a stage in an evolution that is very much an adventure. My tenure in the military has come to a close. I am typing this from a folding chair, MacBook Air on my lap and phone perched precariously on some cardboard boxes marked for the trash. Other than that, an air mattress, some microwaveable food and 3 very confused cats, my apartment is devoid of anything useful. The movers hauled all of my worldly possessions away today, bound for New Jersey.

Linda isn't coming here to visit. Her role, this time, is to help me in the final steps of my active duty journey and to be my co-pilot on the long road home (cats make terrible navigators as they can't read maps). So over the next few days we will be doing our "lasts" here in Biloxi and prepare for many new "firsts" upon arrival home.

One such "last" has already happened. Last night I slept alone for the last time, as did she. Jersey City will be a shared terminus. What only some of the world knew until this moment is that we will be moving in together in a 2 bedroom condo that is waiting. For the next few nights we are "camping in" on an air mattress; Saturday night will be spent in a hotel at the midway point; Sunday night we are hosted by my parents; and Monday through delivery of my furniture (probably next Friday) we will be on a temporary bed at the condo. After that we begin to settle into our new, joint life. So, I'll no longer be sleeping alone, save for the nights when I misbehaved and my kitten buddy and I are banished to the couch, I suppose.

So this is Transition Adventure: Part I. I pick her up from the airport for the last time and we come back here to the exciting world of Netflix movies on an iPad and Hot Pockets. More to come as we embark on this journey over the next week.

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