Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Transition Adventure: Part IV - Reunification

There was one piece of our new home that has been missing. Actually, they were 3 little furry pieces. Since arriving at my parents' house on the 10th of March, our little fur babies have been staying there. With the construction and the boxes, it was just not a kitty friendly environment. We've been working feverishly to get it all taken care of to get out of the mess and to also have our little furry family back with us.

Last night we finally made that happen, but it wasn't without a minor adventure, of course. We got each of the 3 babies in their carriers. A moment later I see Shadow walking around. Naturally I didn't remember to check the front gate when we put her in from the top opening. So she went back in and everything was clipped into place. It was time to tote them downstairs and into the car; Benny and Shadow in their gigantic carriers and Herbie in his little one (poor little runt of the family).

Three seconds before I open the front door to go outside, Herbie bolts out of his cage and hides under the dining room table. For those unfamiliar with my parents house, it's an open 12 room house with a finished basement. So when my dad blocked one doorway and I covered the other in an attempt to corral the little monster, he bolted again, tried to hang a right, scared the shit out of my mom who screamed and scared him in return, which caused him to turn on full afterburners and get out of sight.

Now begins the hunt for Herbie Houdini who magically seemed to be nowhere. As we sweep the rooms looking behind gigantic hutches, wall units, under tables and couches and inside of cabinets. We closed doors where possible after verifying he wasn't in rooms. We had isolated him to the 1st floor and 3 rooms, yet he was nowhere. We had just about resigned ourselves to leaving him there and letting him come out on his own, so my parents could keep him tucked away in a single room, but that required leaving litter and food and having the little ones split up (which they have never had to endure since adoption).

One last check behind the couch, that 4 adults had checked a dozen times combined, showed me a cowering ball of fur with glowing eyes. I found the escape artist! I carefully lifted him out and put him in the carrier, after verifying all clasps and latches were secured and we loaded the munchkins into the car. Of course, we forgot their sedatives so had to listen to a symphony of pathetic meow cries on the way home.

Upon arrival, Herbie darted behind our couch and we haven't seem him since. The other 2 have been exploring all night long, except for cat naps that Shadow took at our feet throughout the night. It's so funny to watch them check everything out and find new spots to hang out. All morning Benny and Shadow have been sticking close to me. So much so that this is my view as I sit at the desk and type this. I guess they are happy to have Mommy and Daddy back. We are happy to have our little family intact again, that's for sure.

Their movement has been limited to repositioning how they sleep.

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