Friday, February 14, 2014

A snowy first

Linda and I have been together since the fall of 2011, if you can believe it. It's been a while. You've all seen us go from just meeting to moving to engaged. She flew down every 5 weeks from NJ to MS while I was still in the US Air Force. We've been living together since March of last year. In all the time we've been together and in all the things we've done together. Would you believe that this is our first Valentine's Day together? That's right. The timing has just worked out that even though it's our third Valentine's Day as a couple, it's the first one we are spending in each other's company.

With it being a Friday amidst a snowstorm, we are basically housebound, but that doesn't matter. We could go out to dinner and have champagne to celebrate over a fancy candlelit dinner or we can hang around at home watching movies and giggling like idiots at nothing. It doesn't really matter to me.

When I'm home with her the rest of the world doesn't exist. When I'm out with her I rarely acknowledge that the rest of the world exists. So my goal is to tie up any work I have to do, as early as possible and then leave all of you on social media to your own devices for the rest of the day.

Linda and I have nothing in particular planned. We were expecting 22 inches of snow. Remarkably, we only got about an even dozen. But on top of what was here already, it's enough to make it worth it to stay in.

So we will make it a point to not rush into dinner when we are already starving or just zone out in front of Candy Crush and syndicated reruns of sitcoms. I'll do my best to make today about us and have some fun. I respect Hallmark's intention to share the love while profiting at unforeseen levels, but we don't need their help.

Truthfully, I don't need anything. I have her - for the first time on Valentine's Day. It's about damn time too.