Thursday, September 25, 2014

Engagement pictures teaser

Most people take engagement photos the moment they get engaged. Linda and I waited and did it last night. There were a few reasons for this, not the least of which was scheduling. Moreover, with a large percentage of our courtship spent apart, what really defined us? Our dear friends Tim and Theresa are big time beach goers. Their photos were done on the beach because it embodied important parts of them and their relationship.

So we got engaged in October of last year (11 months tomorrow). We found our wedding photographer in January or February of this year - when it wouldn't stop snowing. New jobs, travel, the photographer being swamped during spring wedding season and a multitude of other issues got in the way of earlier photos. That gave us the perfect amount of time to think about a backdrop that is important to each of us as individuals and as a couple.

The moment we gave it any serious thought, the answer became apparent immediately. It was Manhattan. I grew up across the East River in Queens and then across the Hudson River in Jersey. I worked in the city starting in the summers of 1995 right through 2002. I partied in the city for so many years. Even my going away party for the military was in the city. I had a bar and restaurant for every occasion. Then there's the 9/11 thing. Everything about the pulse and rhythm of that island resonates and accords in tone with me.

Linda's story and affinity for the city doesn't differ greatly. She loves it and is equally amazed by it. If you can't find it in the city, it doesn't exist. She loves the variety of cuisines and neighborhoods and history. Of course, she loves the shopping and style. She's always been a lover of Broadway too.

We were dating just a short, short time when I came home from Mississippi for a Christmas visit. We pretended to be tourists and ran around Manhattan all day. We went to Rockefeller Center and saw the tree. We walked and shopped along 5th Avenue. She drooled and I cringed at Hermes and Henri Bendel. I drooled and she cringed at the flagship Apple store. We had candy and played with puppets at FAO Schwarz (Ok.. I played with puppets and she pretended not to know me. I was a hit with most 5 year olds though).

You've all read the story of how we got engaged. I hoodwinked (such a great word) her. She thought we were going to take photos, but the camera bag was just a hiding place for the ring box. Onto the Brooklyn Bridge we went to "take photos" but instead I proposed because it's one of her favorite places ever. We then celebrated the event at Eataly - a full square city block of Italian food, eateries and, of course, wine.

So, yesterday our photographer came to our house and well left for Manhattan on a multi-stop tour that spanned afternoon into sunset and right on into the night. We went places we've been to together and some that we each like but we've never been in at the same time. At every stop our photographer got wide-eyed and began setting up and posing us and that's when the magic happened.

We will share the photos when we get them. We are really excited to show these to everyone. Our photographer did an amazing job of capturing our love and happiness and enveloping it in the energy and rhythm of the city. Stay tuned for more...

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