Friday, February 27, 2015

On this day in our history...

People always love "on this day..." items. We've seen them on TV and in the newspaper for a long time. Timehop is the app that shows you your history year after year. Facebook does a great job of reminding you about monumental moments, but so often the real moments happen when you're not really paying attention. Luckily for me, my beautiful bride has recorded some of them.

I'm not going to share them with you because they are our little private moments of distinction so posting the list would be contrary to the point. However, the record of them is interesting, in and of itself. Clearly, we have this blog where I chronicle the silliness and the love and share it with the world. We don't know who reads this, if anyone. For me, it's about the inability to contain myself so I share with the world.

I had no idea Linda was compiling such a list. However, 1 year after the date we first met I got an email. In it was the composite list of all the little things that had made her smile over the last 12 months. I saw this list again today and it made me smile because our wedding is 105 or so days away and all the silly things we did in the first year, we still do.

I think about our life and with the impending wedding I'm drawn to think about that event and buying a house and starting a family and providing and all that stuff. I think about the big stuff. To paraphrase my father's words once; I think about the small stuff to plan around the house - repairs, upgrades, renovations. I think about the bigger stuff like seeing places around the world with her. I think about the life stuff like I mentioned.

Linda helped me remember that life happens in between all that stuff. She reminded me of the time on the first weekend we were together in person; she asked me if I wanted a cookie and I said no. She came back with one cookie for herself and sat on the couch. I promptly grabbed her hand and ate the entire cookie from it like a ravenous animal. She got really mad for a minute and, unsurprisingly, the more I laughed, the madder she got.

Or the time she proposed to me - only to ensure she gets a lifetime supply of that baked potato salad. Or the time she met Matt, one of my closest friends and confidants; and how more than the excitement of meeting him, she enjoyed watching me spend time with him and how happy it made me to have both of them around.

I've said stuff like this before but sometimes the adventure is a particular event and sometimes the adventure is the life in between all of it. There were many more moments she mentioned in that email to me and I'd relive every one of them again and again if I could. I'm thankful that I don't have to because there are many more ahead for us. Still, it make me smile to look back on them between us.