Friday, May 29, 2015

Permission granted

Today, Linda and I spent the morning in court. In truth, it was only about 20 minutes. In more truth, it wasn't really court as much as it was the clerk. Come to think of it, the woman we spoke with was the city clerk and not even a court clerk. Although we did have to raise our right hands and agree to some things. The last time I did that, I ended up in boot camp.

All silliness aside, we went through one of a series of steps to bring the wedding (legally) closer. We applied for our wedding license. On Monday we'll pick it up. On June 12th, we'll sign it with the priest and eventually that will be turned into a wedding certificate. It was an unceremonious hoop that nonetheless required us to jump through it.

The fun part about the whole thing was that it was today, 2 weeks to the day before the actual ceremony is to be performed. We could have done it any day (within 30 days) and today just happened to work out. What made it even funner is that our witness was our friend Tim. If you don't know, Tim is the responsible party for Linda and I knowing each other. He's in my wedding party as well. I asked him if he'd like to be out witness and he jumped at the chance. It was only fitting that the long time friend that introduced us raised his right hand to help us get this union on paper.

One more checkbox checked. One day closer. One more little piece of our puzzle.

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