Saturday, June 13, 2015

The real reason why

I could tell you all about the day of the wedding and explain every last detail, but I'll let the photos all over social media do the talking. Just look up #JayLynnWedding on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and you'll see for yourself.

Of course there are parts that need to be mentioned.

  1. The weather more than cooperated and it was a sunny day.
  2. Everything was perfectly on time
  3. The priest has known my family for over 2 decades and gave a wonderful, personalized ceremony.
  4. The DJ crew made last minute changes to accommodate some requests and had the party jumping all night long
  5. The food was amazing from start to finish and unique - who really has a coney island hot dog and slider bar at a cocktail hour? We did.
  6. I surprised Linda with a special first dance, in addition to what we had planned. 
  7. My brother delivered a viral YouTube worthy best man speech.
  8. Friends and family from all over the country came in to party and celebrate with us.
That list could go on for days. But there was a moment that stands out. It wasn't part of the agenda. It was a comment that was made to me, on the side, by a friend. Her and her husband are both friends of ours, as is another couple - all of of whom were at the wedding. She mentioned how each of the men in that circle certainly love their wives. They are good husbands, and loving men. 

Then she said that watching my bride and I that night - sitting together, dancing together, walking around the room, etc, she has never seen two people so in love in her entire life as she had that day.

And that was the point of all of it. The party was fun, everyone likes getting gifts, and making it official is an evolution in the relationship. However, professing that love to the world is just necessary. We can't keep it in. It's too much. It's too big. There's not enough room. And so we shared it with our world.

Of all the compliments on the place, food, DJ, photographer, music, etc, I don't know that anything could top those words. If there was ever a moment of doubt about the purpose of a grandiose event, it is no more. Those words will stay with me forever.

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