Sunday, October 11, 2015

3 really is a magic number

By now, most of you have seen our little announcement. That announcement is about an inch and a half long and most closely resembles a lime - according to one of the many apps on Linda's phone. If you haven't seen it, the big news is that we are going to be parents. We're newlyweds and expectant parents. WOW! That was quick, right?

Just 121 days after our nuptials, we tell the world that she's pregnant (not we're pregnant). We so badly want to be parents and our dream has come true - or is in the process of coming true, at least.

Here's the announcement video

So now the countdown begins, which is at 200 days as of this post.

Some of our friends commented on how we win the award for "adulting" the most lately. The one slide in that video that most often gets overlooked is the 3rd to last. The photo is this:

For those that know we bought this townhouse, it seemed isolated and independent of anything else. In reality, the baby news came first, it just went public later. Our 910 sq ft palace in congested Jersey City just won't cut it anymore and it was time to upgrade. So after 2 whole days of looking and seeing a whopping 8 places, we were in love and it was settled. We crunched the numbers and made an offer. As of right now, the offer has been accepted, lawyers did their reviews and we're under contract. Once the inspector double checks, we'll be on our way to closing - slated for Thanksgiving week. We certainly have lots to be thankful for.

I'm just glad that I get to bring my new little meatball into a much nicer and bigger home. He or she will have his or her own room and plenty of space to play. Our little family is ready to begin!

A question we get so much is about Linda's travel. It's no secret that she's been traveling about 15 business days per month. There are only about 20. She's been gone a lot. Doing that while pregnant and with a newborn would be difficult, if not impossible. And it would be, in no way, pleasant. 

So in one last announcement, I want to congratulate my beautiful bride and our little meatball's mom-to-be on a brand new job. It requires almost no travel (maybe 15 days a year), It is within the health and beauty industry still (but skin care, not hair). It is for a large corporation. It is located on Wall Street in downtown Manhattan (and a few blocks from where my office is moving to). It's more responsibility and way more money. She has really achieved something special and I couldn't be more proud of her. The icing on the cake? They found her! She was recruited via LinkedIn because she's truly THAT awesome! Congratulations my love! You deserve it.

So just when we thought our happiness had culminated with our beautiful and perfect wedding - the recruiter came knocking, our offer got accepted, and 2 pink lines showed in that tiny window. Everything I've ever hoped for is happening and who better to do it all with than my best friend on the planet?