Monday, April 18, 2016

These shoes are made for walking

April 17th, 2016 is a the day our lives changed forever. That's the day my son arrived, albeit 11 days early. But this isn't a story about my little Nicky. We will have more of those. This is one of the adventures of Jason & Linda only - which I'm sure will get fewer and farther between. 
Some of you may have heard of a "push present." Until recently, I hadn't. When Linda got pregnant every female I met asked me about it and wanted to know what she was getting. Apparently, a push present is a reward for pushing the baby out. I was under the impression that the baby was the present. They even wrap him up like a gift before handing him over in a formal Lion King like presentation. 
This feels like a made-up way to fleece sucker husbands out of more money so the women can get every branded high-end product they've wanted. At least that's the stance I took publicly. Privately I had been scheming from the beginning to surprise my bride on the day she gave birth. 
But what to get her? It needed to be something substantial. I mean, how do you match the magic of the arrival of your son with a retail purchase? As always, I had stored all the things to which Linda had said "I want" and to which I had replied "yeah, right." Now to distill all those ideas into one. 
I put my thinking cap on. As my beautiful bride gained weight and size with the baby, her self-image not surprisingly went south. She also started her new job in corporate America right around the time she got pregnant. As a matter of fact, she commuted to work in Manhattan on Thursday and gave birth on Sunday. 

Pregnancy is no joke. And my lovely Linda handled it like a champ. Sure she had her moments where she was frustrated but she did awesome overall. She was even in heels at her shower. 

I was so proud of her every day. It made me rail against the push present concept, ostensibly. Inside I got more excited to give it to her. 

So... What was the right choice you ask? The same thing any woman wants - SHOES. But not just any shoes. The single pair of shoes that any woman wants. The sexy black, with sexier red - Christian Louboutin 4" heels. 

So I looked and researched and shopped until I found the right pair in the right size. And today, while she was feeling proud and happy and excited and tired and overwhelmed and beaten up and everything else, none of which were sexy, confident, or ready to return to work; I gave her that push present. I received total shock, which was the intent. 

I wanted her to know that I was proud of her for all she did and how well she did it, and amidst being mommy to our bundle of joy, she's my sexy, strong bride as well. 

Congrats my darling. I love you!



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